Disney's Beauty and the Beast - National Tour

Disney's smash-hit Broadway musical is coming to you!

Beauty and the Beast’s Hassan Nazari-Robati Lights Up as Lumiere on Tour

Touring the country as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, actor Hassan Nazari-Robati has definitely found the bright side to embodying the charming candlestick.

“The best part about playing him is that he is just pure light,” Nazari-Robati told “There’s this awesome duplicity that I’ve found with this character that allows me to be over-the-top one moment and grounded the next, but the whole time it comes from this place of joy and fun.”

In the classic number “Be Our Guest,” it’s obvious that Lumiere is happiest when being hospitable, a sentiment Nazari-Robati shares. “Lumiere and I are most alike with our desire to see those around us happy. Lumiere loves living life to its fullest, but I feel like he loves it more when those around him are able to do the same.”

Bringing the beloved fairy tale to a wide-range of audience members is also a joy for the actor. “The best part about being in this show is the opportunity to continue telling this timeless story for those who grew up with the movie, while at the same time getting to introduce it to a whole new audience that has not,” Nazari-Robati said. “It’s pretty much an actor’s dream.”

Beauty and the Beast opens at the National Arts Centre on October 30 and runs through November 4. Nazari-Robati is joined by a cast that includes Hilary Maiberger as Belle, Darick Pead as the Beast, Matt Farcher as Gaston and James May as Cogsworth.

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