Ways to Purchase Groups in Ottawa



Coordinating your group is easy with Broadway Across Canada! We offer three types of Group Sales:

  1. Traditional Group Sale (suitable for any sized group)

A traditional group sale is our most straightforward type of group order. The group’s organizer lets us know how many tickets your group requires and which performance you’d like to attend. Once the order’s complete, we mail you the tickets to distribute at your discretion.

  1. Group Manager Online Offer

Group Manager is an online ticketing system that makes accessing our group rates as easy as possible. We’ll provide you with a unique link and promotional code which you can distribute to your co-workers, support staff, and other group members. All you have to do is share the information through an e-blast or social media page, and your group members do the rest.

Once they access the website, they’ll select which performance they want to attend, which seats they want, and supply their credit card information on the spot. Once their order is complete, they can print the tickets right away.

  1. Order Forms


We will provide you with paper forms that allow your staff to individually select their desired performance date and seating location. These forms can be returned to us either by fax or email. Once we receive them, we will process everyone’s order individually, and mail the tickets directly to each person.


We are always happy to answer any questions that you have, or provide you with further information if you are interested in purchasing group tickets. Get in touch any time!




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